The Science Behind The Longest Golf Balls

It seems simple enough; a small, round object is struck with a larger metal object, but a significant amount of research has gone into perfecting the design of the golf ball. Ever wondered why balls have dimples, or why some are harder than others? Having a greater knowledge of the inner workings of the golf ball may be the slight edge needed to improve your handicap.


A golf ball contains somewhere between 330 and 500 dimples depending on the brand. These small dimples, as odd as it seems, makes a golf ball more aerodynamic as it flies through the air. A ball without dimples is much more influenced by wind and the drag of air.


Put simply, harder balls go further, softer balls offer more control. Longest golf balls deform less when struck, which in turn means more energy put into momentum. Softer balls, however, deform more easily, resulting in an easier time giving a ball the spin needed for a shot. Which option you choose is up to you.

Using older balls

Golf balls should be replaced periodically. When a ball is struck, the rubber core at its center changes shape over repeated strikes. Though it may not seem like it, as a ball is hit its shape deforms over time.

longest golf balls

If you’ve become more of an armchair golfer than a weekend warrior, always watching tournaments on your direct tv and not getting out there yourself, we’ve got some news for you! You can’t get better in your living room so get out there and start slowly with some tips from us

Hit the Driving Range – To make sure your swing is in tact (or getting better) get out to a driving range and buy a bucket of balls. Aim to do this at least once a week to really improve your performance.

Practice Putting – The great thing about putting is that you can do it anywhere, even in your home! If you’ve got Berber carpet you can set up a makeshift green and better yet, if your grass outside is thick enough you can play in the yard. Get some sun!

Get Your Gear in Shape – If your clubs and swing are both rusty you’ll want to get outside and get it all ready. Shine your shoes, buy some new balls and get motivated to have the best golf season of your life.

Secret of Golf Provided by Tiger Woods

Golf Swing Tips provided by Tiger Woods

Secret of Golf Provided by Tiger WoodsTiger repeatable swing is actually incredible which has been extremely recognized by a lot of golf players, nicely, the key to creating a repeatable swing using your irons is maintaining the clubface square towards the swing path. The following advice will assist you to make a repeatable swing just like Tiger really does.

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Choosing Right Longest Golf Balls

Great tips on selecting the Longest Golf Balls

Choosing Right Golf BallsPerhaps you have ever before knowledgeable enjoying the worst type of game of your way of life since you applied a lot of bad quality golf balls? Golf equipment is certainly not the one gear you have to perform a great golf game. Selecting the right longest golf balls are simply as vital. This became something a buddy of mine found out throughout his final golf game.
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